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How to Choose an Outfit to Wear for a Nobel Prize Dinner?

Attending the Nobel Prize dinner is no ordinary task. It requires proper preparation that includes proper attire for the event. There are certain guidelines that you must follow for attending a Nobel Prize dinner party. In this kind of parties, the ladies are usually expected to wear long or short elegant dinner party dresses, whereas the men are expected to wear dark dinner suits.

However, the description does not end there. There are specific dress codes that one should carefully follow to attend a dinner party as prestigious as the Nobel Prize dinner party. The men at a Nobel Prize dinner party wear silk facing long tailcoat dark in color, preferably black. This tailcoat has a sharp cut in the front giving it a classic and elegant look meant for such an occasion. Of course, the only thing that matches with such an elegant long black tailcoat is a pair of black trousers. However, this pair of trousers must have dual braid on both sides of its legs.

Be cautious when you are choosing the perfect shirt for the occasion. Usually, a white shirt with a stiff front is preferred on such events. This white stiff front shirt should also have a white wing collar, equally white and stiff to match the attire perfectly. This will surely enhance the elegance of the black tailcoat that you are wearing. However, you should not forget the accessories since they are equally important.

The accessories include a white elegant bowtie. The cufflinks and shirt stud that you are going to use has to be either white or silver in color. This sense of matching all the accessories is quite essential. This is going to decide that if you are ready for the big evening or not. Another thing that you should not forget is the white low cut waistcoat to wear beneath your tailcoat and above your shirt. After all these, the only other thing that you require is white handkerchief. One does not have to mention that you must be wearing black socks along with black formal shoes with this attire to complete your preparation for a dinner party as grand as this one.

For ladies, the dress code or options at a Nobel Prize dinner party is quite endless. However, one does expect to see a tasteful evening gown with matching accessories. There are no color restrictions for ladies and they can choose from a variety of color and fabric. Needless to say, the dress has to be formal and should accompany with appropriate accessories like jewelry and footwear.

The ladies can also opt for accessories like long sleeved gloves or scarves depending on the dress for the evening. These accessories magnify the elegance of the dress. Apart from these, the ladies can also opt for some beautiful handbags as well. It eventually comes down to the individual choice and taste when it comes to choosing the perfect dress for a dinner party but for the Nobel Prize dinner party, one has to adhere by the certain dress code that has been there for decades.

This article was written by Rupal.

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