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Things to keep in mind if you are hosting a Nobel Prize dinner

Hosting a Nobel Prize dinner party is of honor and prestige and you must keep in mind a few points while you decide to host such a prestigious party. From the decorations, ambience to the food, everything has to be the best and well-suited for such an occasion. Without the proper planning for a dinner party as big and important as this, it is very difficult to organize one successfully.

As a host, you must choose the perfect classic decorations for the dinner party. After that, you must take into consideration the proper seating arrangements and the table decorations. Remember, from silverware to the tablecloth, everything has to be in perfect synchronization. You can either opt for white or cream tablecloth with golden lining.

However, above all the most important thing is that there should be enough room for comfortable movement of the guests.
The next essential thing that you will have to keep in mind is the menu. This is something that you should be able to keep a secret until all the guests are seated properly. Your dinner menu should have the best possible combination in appetizers, main course and desserts. A Nobel Prize dinner menu should have a huge variety of items to suit the taste of the guests. Another detail that you should remember while hosting a dinner party as big as this is the wine and liquor collection for the evening.

This is an absolute essential point where you must have a sparkling wine along with three other different types of wine to suit the needs of the guests. You should also have a coffee with cognac or liquor option for your guests, and not to mention the mineral water. The three types of wine that you are going to choose should be in compliance with the menu, which you set up for the evening.

The tableware and cutlery should also have some special classic touches to them suitable for the grand evening. You can arrange all these by informing the hotel about your needs for the event. You must also mention some special points that you as a host would like to have for the evening dinner party. The hotel administration will promptly comply with your needs.

You may choose to include a dance orchestra for the evening, however, that is not common for a Nobel Prize dinner party. If you do wish to go for it, you can ask the hotel administration itself to arrange for it or you may choose to organize it yourself depending on the options that you have in your hand. Depending on the size of your guest list you have to choose both the menu and the location of the party. More than eighty guests, means that you will need to book the royal ball rooms or banquet halls and for a lesser number you can opt for private lounges.

If you are able to keep all these aspects in mind then you can easily host a successful Nobel Prize dinner party.

This article was written by Rupal.

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