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Similarity and Difference between Spades and Bridge

People who love playing cards have surely played one of the two card games of Bridge or Spades or both. These two games have similarities as well as dissimilarities but these aspects are not able to diminish the excitement and thrill that these two games offer the players. These two games are also quite common as casino games in some parts of the world. Bridge or Contract Bridge is a game that utilizes all the 52 cards of the deck and requires four players playing in teams of two. This means that you will require a partner to play this game. Without the proper support of your partner, you might lose your game.

In the beginning of the game, the players have to bid for a certain number of hands that they are confident of winning for a specific suit. If you win the bid, then you and your partner will have to come up with the exact number of hands that you have bid. In case you fall short, your opponent team will win the points instead of you. To play bridge properly you must have good experience in playing cards and should have a good understanding about your opponents hand as well as your partner’s hand. Bridge is one of the trickiest games among all other card games and interesting too.

Although Bridge is mostly played in homes rather than being included in casino games, there are however, casino Bridge tournaments where you can participate for high stakes and win home a huge prize. Among other card games that are derived from Bridge itself is the game of Spades. Spades has the same basic principles of bridge, however, the difference is that unlike in bridge where the trump is decided by the winning bidder, the trump in Spades is always the suit of Spades. You can now understand as to the origin of the name of this game.

Playing cards not only requires skill but it also increases your sharpness and card games like Spades and Bridge will surely do that for you. In Bridge, your trump is the color that you have chosen as per your bid and you might win a game based on your trumps only if you have them in excess and have cards of the other suits less. In Spades, since the trump is predetermined Spades you will have to depend on the number of Spades that you have in your hand. There might come a situation that you or your opponent might have the K,Q,J and the Ace of Spades, which is the dream hand for card games, then you or your opponent might win all the hands if only four rounds of play is left.

The main dissimilarity between Spades and Bridge is the trump. If you are playing cards for a long time then you will surely understand the importance of a predetermined trump in a game. As casino games, Spades and bridge are famous only in tournaments, otherwise in modern casino you will not find then as regular casino games.

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