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What are the various types of Dice available?

There are many types of dice games in this world and so are the types of dice. If you were not aware of this then you will be simply amazed at the variety of dice that are available in the market. From the regular six sided dice to numerous sided to loaded dice, there are many that we can talk about.

First we must talk about the standard high precision casino dice which is the usual six sided dice but with high precision so that it generates a proper randomized result for every single play. These dice are manufactured in such a way that their shape and weight distribution is perfect and that the chances of getting one side is equal to the chance of getting any other side. To increase the randomness some casinos or players use a dice cup along with these dice to ensure their perfect result.

You also have dice based on specific games. For example, for playing Backgammon you have a separate type of a dice. These dice are different in shape and have rounded edges instead of sharp ones unlike the casino dice. Moreover these dice are smaller than the casino dice as well. You also have the Double cube of backgammon which has multiple of 2 to the power of n numbers marked on them. To be precise the numbers are 2,4,8,16,32 and 64. When playing high stakes Backgammon, players with their own pair of dice tend to use loaded dice to win the game.

You also have dice that do not have any numbers printed on them; instead their six sides are painted with different types of figures. According to the respective win you will be scoring a high or a low based on the figures or the combination of figures that you get on a specific roll.

Now, we have been talking about the different types of dice based on what is printed on them but there are dice which we can categorize based on the number of sides they have. Yes, polyhedral dice are there in the market and are used in various types of traditional games. It is very common to use these dice with a dice cup for proper rolling. Since they have more number of sides the outcome is either a combination of the sides or the result from a certain visible face.

Rolling logs or bones are traditional dice and they are still in use in many parts of the world. However, you cannot use a dice cup to roll these types of dice. These types are not only used for games and gambling but are also in use for fortune telling and other such traditional practices. Apart from all these, we must not forget that there are the loaded dice. Loaded dice are the ones which are biased in such a way that they tend to generate a particular side on most of their rolls rather than a fair random result. Even by using a dice cup you can get biased results from these types of dice also known as Crooked Dice.

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